Chihuahua weapons of mass domination

May 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

Chanel the Chihuahua taking over the world

I can control your mind

El noggin’ – apparently humans can’t resist a soft, smooth apple head. Good for lots of kisses and whispered sweet nothings.

Chanel the Chihuahua does the lean to disarm her opponents

Ahhh, one of my best lean efforts, if I say so myself

Head butts – followed by a well-timed lean against your intended victim seems to make the humans be the ones really melting over helplessly.

The Bambi look – for SURE the infallible method to elicit lots of ‘Oooos’ and “Aaaas” and temporary amnesia if you’ve been naughty.

The so-perky-you-just-gotta-take-me-outside look – charming enthusiasm seems to be contagious even cross species. Adding a little prancing dance towards the door seals the deal!

Sleepy eyes from underneath the blankey – nice one if you are trying to get your humans to stay home in bed with you. I usually combine this with sudden deafness so I don’t hear Mom saying she’s “gotta go to work.” “Got to,” ha! I’ll be the one to tell you what you “have” to do!!

Tail tuck – we definitely don’t have the trademark on this move, but with our diminutive size we sooooo own the corner on the pity evoking market.

The Timid-claw-reaching-out-as-if-too-weak-to-continue  move – Mom seems to be powerless against this method of instructing her to continue the belly scratches.

Chanel the Chihuahua does the irresistible belly-flip

Killer move

Flipping over to reveal the nice warm belly with a lot of  leg action for emphasis – these squirrel-like, skinny back legs have to be good for something. I do look a little like an overturned cucaracha when I wiggle my legs to draw attention to my belly, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

The belly slide – ahhhh, the pièce de résistance or shall I say irresistance. Try dragging yourself across a rug with your cute little front paws while extending your back legs straight back AND wildly wagging your tail in excitement. On occasion I throw in uncontrollable sneezing for a special touch. Ahhh, then just roll over and watch every human in the room drop to their knees to love and adore you and your belly. It is chihuahua love fiesta time!!!!!!

But, my esteemed anipals, keep all of this intelligence to yourselves. I fear I may be giving away too many trade secrets 😉


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§ 2 Responses to Chihuahua weapons of mass domination

  • COSITA says:


  • AYE says:

    Chanelita, this is your sister Juanita, and step-sister Panchita “speaking” to you. Since we are related, we have some of the cutest traits you have also. If only our Mami would understand computers, we could be celebrities too!!

    We also taunt and run after squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies, birds, etc., with
    the impossible dream in mind to catch them. What will we do if that happens?? Probably pee and run away!!

    There was a possum in our well guarded backyard once. The nerve!! I saw him and caught up with him! Yes, I did it! He was twice my size and I thought I killed him, by barking REAL loud. My Mami called my Daddy, who was at work in a meeting, to tell him the good news. He only chuckled and said, “the possum is playing possum.” When we got outside again, there was no possum …. Oh well, it was exciting for awhile. Hoping to see you again soon, sis. We love you in KC!!!

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