What do chihuahuas dream about?

May 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

Chanel the chihuahua is sleepingMy humans are always wondering what I dream about. What are the fantasies that make my little legs wiggle so much while I sleep that I upset all the covers (and all the humans in bed.)

This princess dreams of princes – secret crushes that I’ll deny if I’m ever confronted. Like the Geico Gecco – it’s his eyes!!!! Caramel colored  like me, big and luminous. I melt during those close ups. I know it would never work between us, but when I see him on TV I just can’t help myself. Or  the Taco Bell dog. His videos on youtube, ay Papi! And there is suave and debonair Duke, of Bush’s Baked beans fame.

And speaking of beans, there are the dreams about Mom’s rice, beans and picadillo. In my dreams I find myself running through fields of fluffy, yummy white rice. Leaping and chewing at the same time. I see dancing black beans, doing a rumba in my magical fiesta. Ah, and that saucy picadillo, so good it must be a sin. Deeeeeeeelectable!!!

And then there are the piñatas full of cheerios … the armies of adoring fans giving me belly scratches … lots of lovely pillows piled high in a warm, sunny patch by the window … and Mommy winning the lotery so we can live the high life traipsing through Europe! Ahhh, to nap 20 hours a day IS the life!!!

But eventually, my dreams end the same way – with that infernal squirrel!!! Only, in  my dreams, I can suddenly climb up the tree so that beastly pest can’t get away!! Aha!!!  You will feel the full fury of a mighty chihuahua.

No wonder I always wake up hungry! I’ve worked it out, baby. Now where are those cheerios?!?!


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§ 2 Responses to What do chihuahuas dream about?

  • AYE says:

    How can you be sooo talented?????
    Your human family can’t resist you!!!!
    I (your gramma), had a lot of fun with you recently, visiting your mami and papi, and your sisters too. Of course, your first human mama and her family were delighted to see you again and kept the spoiling Chanel wave going. Would you ever visit KC????? Only by car, of course, and frankly, you will just have to sleep your way up here. I’m afraid the whimpering will get to your human family. There are a lot of rest stops on the way too where you will have a chance to smell away your life to all kinds of new (stinky) odors. Yes, I can just see it become a true family adventure….love and hugs to all.
    P.S. Your sister Juanita and step-sister Panchita would LOVE to have you over!!!!

    • Mother of Mami says:

      Definetely those jerking limbs of yours are a family trait!!! But the dreams…hmmmm…
      Most of us were sooo happy to see you again…please have your human mami bring you more often…eventually big sister Cha-Cha will accept you and you may someday share mutual ground or at least, a cushion….Lots of licks and kisses….Cosita & Coco

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