Save the hairballs, save the Gulf wildlife

May 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

So all of last night I tossed and turned. I kept hearing “Save the hairballs … Save the hairballs … save the hairballs …” My little legs could not twitch fast enough to get me away from the oil slick nightmare. You see, folks, I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida – a beautiful paradise of beaches, precious wetlands and springs. And here, we are frankly scared. I know we are all hearing a lot about the landfall of the oil spill on Louisiana’s delicate shores, and I cringe at the thought. Already the pictures of the loss of life are heartbreaking. But folks this will have a huge impact on us all and for a VERY LONG TIME to come. Please, please, please, keep this in your thoughts going forward:

Tigger aka señor gato

Señor Gato has lots of hair and love to give


Save our seabirds org

Environmental Protection Agency

Friends of the Gulf on facebook

Listed on

Listed on

Listed on

Listed on

1. If they have not joined the cause, talk to your hairdressers and groomers about collecting the hair for mats that help contain the spilled oil in the Gulf.

2. In your neighborhood as you are walking with other dogs, start a local movement to “Save the hairballs!”  Fur real, I may not have a lot to offer in this endeavor, but Tigger and I are pooling together and saving our collective hairballs for the Gulf of Mexico efforts.

3. It is shedding season, at least it is in my living room. But then I live with Tigger who could put BigFoot to shame in the hair department. Let’s take advantage of the synchronism and save the tumbling hairballs in your homes when you sweep.

4. Brush often and give a little. Shiny soft coats are always in. You’ll look marvelous, darlings, AND help save lives.

Like I said, I know you probably heard a lot about it yesterday on the blogosphere and twitterland, but I had to help keep the movement going. Trust me, you’ll hear from me on this again. Hopefully, I’ll sleep a little better tonight. With all the tossing and turning, Mom thought I was itchy and she gave me a bath this morning! I will admit, I was a little smelly and too “naturalle” but fur real at 7:30 a.m.?!?!?!?!? Not to worry, I fully exercised my revenge of the bath ritual all over her blanket!!!!!

Chanel the chihuahua having fun on Mom's blanket

Revenge of the bath - crazy wet dog all over Mom's blanket!!!

Fur now, adios, Amigos!!


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