This Chihuahua has something to say about the art of being a diva

May 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Chanel the chihuahua makes a fashion statement

A fashion statement - appropriate neckline, a tasteful show of leg.

Not to be ugly and name names, but watching a certain “Lady” personality last night on American Idol really made my fur bristle. Come on, Gaga darling, I’m all for showing a little leg and making a fashion statement, but what was that spectacle on American Idol last night all about?!?!? Sweetie, you are trying WAAAAAY too hard. A little less (or in your case more!) really does yield much more – as in more fans. Take note of my fashion statement here at right – a little faux fur flair, an enticing neckline, a little show of leg. Voila! Fashion success. And it will keep them coming back to see what is next rather than leave them feeling like “oh, but I’ve already seen it all!”

And let’s talk a bit about your material. “Alejandro?” Really? I love the boys, darling, but does a long list of spanish boy names make a tune? I think not. And though I truly appreciate the human form, those boys “dancing” around ya looked almost comical. Way over the top with the theatricals there too. I think we need to go back to the drawing board on this artistic endeavor. Give me a buzz. I’ll be happy to help with a few bits of diva wisdom.

Ciao, bella!


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