Squirrel, don’t you mock me!

April 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

How dare you mock me every morning with your screechy laugh. Twitching your tail at me from the top of the backyard fence! What? You got fleas?!?!


Let me esplaeeeeeeeeen, mija! In the great scheme of things, you are a rodent. I may look like one, but I am an ascended canine. Look that up on the food chain. I make out in that deal.

I may be stuck inside, while you frolic about the great outdoors. But inside my cozy little “cage” I get 2 square meals a day, unlimited cheerios, and adoring humans ready to see to my every whine. Oh, and I get to sleep on “their” posture pedic. How’s that oak branch working out for you?

And did I mention the belly rubs and kisses. You’d probably like that. But, oh yeah, you’re busy frolicking outside. Too bad. More for me.

BTW, when I do get outside, I’m planning on digging up all your acorns. What? You started it! You woke me up and got me in trouble for barking so early in the morning,

And … And … Whatever! You stink, you fluffy-tailed rat!

OK, see you mañana, Chica! Same time, by the same window, same fence! Gotta run! Ciao!



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