Small dog survival tips on scrounging opps

April 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

As the smallest member of my family, I learned quickly about two things: scrounging at lightning speed and eat first, ask later tactics. It is a survival instinct proundly handed down in my family now for generations.

So in the spirit of good will, I thought I’d share a little Chihuahua wisdom on tactical maneuvering.

Good eats:
When Mom is making tacos – Mmmmm shreaded cheese raining down from the counter.

Scrambled eggs – particularly when Mom is making breakfast on a schoolday while sleepwalking (6:15 a.m. is just not in her vocabulary!)

Turkey sandwiches by Dad – he tends to go overboard. Guilt is a fabulous tool.

Cheerios – anytime I hear the yellow box shaking.

Late night snacks – this is when I find the intense stare works best on the debilitated humans. The kids are the easiest because they know they are not supposed to sneak food into their bedrooms. I’m doing this for their own good.

Not so good;
When Dad is making soup – onions, yuck!!!!!

Actually, any time Dad us cooking – them’s big feet to scurry around.

So good luck, friends! I think I hear the sweet clickety-clack of Mom’s shoes in the kitchen. Gotta run! Ciao!


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