Family introductions are in order

April 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

So talking to you of my sisters in K.C. got me thinking it is high time to introduce my Chihuahua family. So here’s the crew:

Mami – this is my Chihuahua mother – aka Cosita. She is originally from a very chichi pet boutique in Palm Beach, Florida. Always fabulous in her pearls, her favorite pastime is lounging by the pool.

Parents of Chanel the Chihuahua

Mami and Papi poolside

Papi – this is my canine papa – aka Coco. I take a little after him, thus my very appropo name of Chanel. My handsome Papi is the family peace keeper. Surrounded by high-strung, high-maintenance females he somehow manages to stay calm, cool and collected. Just don’t mess with his squeaky toy frog!

Cha-Cha, Chanel the Chihuahua's older sister

Cha-Cha – is the eldest sister. Let us say she is the “healthy” girl in the family. We leave it at that because she is rather sensitive about her size. Then again, she does have that bovine coloring to accentuate the issue. Naturally, she is perpetually cranky but I always manage to remind her of who’s boss when I visit. Cha-Cha may be the older sister, but in the end, I’m the diva in this family.

Cha-Cha has a bit of an underbite and a look all her own. Like me, she was one of the first litter. As the last born of that bunch I may be the smallest but I prefer the terms petite or delicate.

Lovey, Chanel the Chihuahua's sister

This is Lovey. (Don't stare at her ears!)

Lovey – well, she is my younger sister and one of the nicer of the bunch. She and Cha-Cha live in Jupiter with our parents. Lovey has the longest tail in the family and the longest body. But I can still see the family resemblance in her face. However I have no idea where those ears came from!

In my previous post, you met Juanita who lives in K.C. She looks a lot like Mami. She and Lovey were from the second litter. And lastly there is Panchita, the step sister with the funky walk, Ratatouille nose and sneaky ways.

Confused? So am I! Altogether, I have 9 siblings, but who can keep track. So stay tuned. Ours is a close family with lots of flavor – loud, demanding and full of opinions.


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§ One Response to Family introductions are in order

  • AYE says:

    Adorable and well said. As the proud owner of 2 of your siblings (Juanita and Panchita)
    I can say that your Diva attitude has been cloned by these siblings also.
    Juanita, your sister from the second litter, and Panchita, your step-sister, rescued last
    year from a shelter for little dogs, here in KC (LLDog Rescue). Juanita acts like the alpha dog and barks even at her shadow protecting her Mami and Daddy. Panchita, very shy but very stubborn,will find a way to get Juanita ignored and gets away with this!!!
    They are both amazing and lovable. They keep each other company and yes, THEY sleep
    all day while the adults work. What a life!!

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