Mom is visiting my sisters

April 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

So Mom went off to see her other daughter (the human one) at college in K.C. I guess I must share. And in the process she got to see one of my sisters, Juanita, and the wannabe step sister, Panchita. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for pet rescue, and in particular chihuahua rescues. But my sources tell me that this particular infiltrator is crafty.

She has a funny walk that she uses to get attention. Oh, yeah, “poor puppy,” my foot!! As they say in my country, “sabe mas que las cucarachas!” (she knows more than the cochroaches!) And she is sneaky like one too! But I don’t want to be ugly. I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Panchita, member of Chanel the chihuahua's family

Panchita the infiltrator

Anyway, once she knows she’s gotten to the poor unsuspecting human, that’s it! She turns on all the charms, tries to get all the treats, hogs the lap, and wants all the belly scratches. That would not work so well in my kingdom!

Juanita - member of Chanel the chuhuahua's family

Juanita looking a little low

My poor sister Juanita who worked so hard at her poor-shy-delicate-flower act, is having to jump through hoops to get into that circus act.

So I’ll do my best to counsel my little sis from here. Sister, I say, I have two tips for ya: mysterious wet spot on the carpet + that innocent look you do so well = Panchita in the dog house. Case closed!

Oh, and by the way, Mom, you have a lit of essssplaineeeeng to do! How come you didn’t take me to K.C. to visit my hermanas? I thought you said you were going to “work.” I’m not buying that line again!!

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