Chihuahuas are creatures of habit

April 14, 2010 § 3 Comments

Chanel the chuhuahua is full of chihuahua wisdom

The way I see it.

I pretty much set the pace for the day in my household. To illustrate, I’ll share the parallels between my activities and those of my humans.

Alarm goes off -> I yawn, stretch then get my belly scratched -> Mom scratches said belly and tries to explain something about having to get up. Not an issue that concerns me, but eventually I humor her and play along.

We get out of bed -> I get carried to the kitchen where my bowl is filled even before the cat’s -> mom makes coffee ( Cuban and strong) and breakfast for the family. When she does sit down to eat hers, I get my second breakfast of cherrios flicked through the air for me to play “fetch” which I do fetch but of course never return.

I’m ready for my morning nap -> Mom gets ready for work all the while giving me kisses and reassurances that she’ll be right back. I just put on the “Bambi” look and bask in the love.

Yawn! I think I need a snack -> Dad conveniently comes home from work to have lunch but he easily falls for the tail wagging and cute prancing. Mmm, mmm, mmm! I love that Publix rotisserie “mojo” chicken!

Yawn! Did I doze off again (wink, wink)
Hmmm, I’m hungry again -> Mom comes home from work. Dinner!

YES!!! I’m ready for lap time and serious adoration -> Mom and dad watch their favorite shows. I get front row seats.

Isn’t it getting late? I think it is time for bed. A little whining. A little pawing. The “Bambi” look if need be. -> lights out and we are off to bed. Mom and Dad get comfy. I crawl under the blanket for my well earned beauty sleep.

Life is good.

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