Recommended sleeping arrangements

March 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

I concede that we chihuahuas were made small and thus not really equipped to generate much body heat.

But I have found a solution for chilly nights – even if it is not entirely comfortable for my humans. Then again, they got the hands. They can’t complain. Oh, the things I could to with a pair of thumbs. But I digress.

Wait until they get in to bed and have warmed up the sheets. Then casually climb into bed, walk up to the nose of the sleepiest person, give them a good dose of the “Bambi” eyes (Resistance us futile!) Now that you are in charge nose your way under the covers. Voilà! Problem solved. Body heat to spare!

At times it can be a real nuisance to so depend on humans for preservation. But they have to be good for some”seeeng!”



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